Palermo, 1100, the Arabs govern Sicily, ancient Kalsa district, she is a noble and beautiful girl, he is a young and charming Moor.
The two young lovers lived a clandestine love going against the laws of time, but this impossible feeling was soon discovered and the dishonorable act punished with the beheading of both.
The shame of this love was proclaimed with the posting of both heads, turned for the occasion into vases, on a balcony. The slaughter, exalted by these heads placed at the mercy of passers-by, would thus have been a warning against any other possible unseemly passion. Even today, for this reason, Moro’s heads are made in pairs, in memory and in honor of the two murdered lovers.
The spheres that decorate the crowns of the Moors represent the plants of basil that were cultivated in the heads turned into vases; the basil, plant symbol of nobility, recalled the noble origins of the beautiful girl.
Danima revisits the most famous and evocative of the Sicilian legends by creating a sophisticated headwear collection: modern crowns topped with ceramic beads made entirely by hand by skilled Sicilian masters. Mounted with details in 925 silver, in a suggestive palette of colors with a mediterranean flavor, in the Danima crowns one of the oldest myths of Sicily revive in glamorous and extremely contemporary objects.

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