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With a strong reference to the shape of the Arab domes of the Sicilian architectural tradition and modern design inspired by contemporary art, from the Sicilian "Great White Ball" by Ludovico Quaroni to the bronze balls of Pomodoro and those in Fontana ceramic, the Balls collection wants reverse the logic of clichés, as does every woman when she is not afraid to show what she is, a unique and perfect universe.
These exclusive ceramic spheres are handcrafted one at a time, painted with colored glazes and after firing repainted by brush with metallic lustres. Cooked at third fire at 600 degrees, these particular materials give the spheres an iridescent and extremely bright appearance that makes them real pearls. The jewels are finally hand-assembled with precious metals by skilled goldsmiths, making these objects the small treasures of Sicilian craftsmanship and at the same time of modern design.
Voluptuous and charming, refined, romantic, modern, sophisticated and glamorous, the Balls enclose and reflect the infinite world, the strength and beauty that exists in every woman. Iridescent and shiny spheres, to illuminate with your essence every moment of the day and never go unnoticed.

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