Sicily, Magna Graecia, love, passion, myth and legend.

The young Apollo loved Daphne, she was the most beautiful of all the nymphs, but she didn’t love him, she loved a simple mortal, Leucippus.

When he died, Apollo chased Dafne strenuously but, to escape from this not reciprocate passion, she invoked the Goddess Mother who transformed Dafne into a laurel tree, in Greek dafni.

From that moment Apollo, god of arts, music and poetry, loved to crown himself by weaving branches of dafni in a eternal memory of what was his first great love.

As modern goddesses, Danima crowns the contemporary nymphs weaving velvets, ottomans, lurex ribbons, in a play of colors and textures, refined and precious materials that surround the head of modern women in the revisitation of a timeless Hellenic Sicilian myth.

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