Obsidian, volcanic glass harder than steel, one of the materials most used in antiquity to make art objects, appreciated for its aesthetic qualities so it has been used since that time for pendants and jewels. Magic stone for defintion, we has been inspired by this ancient and seductive material to give life to this collection that gives character to who wear it.

Black, shiny and multifaceted just like the obsidian are in fact all the ceramic tiles that compose these precious, modern and extremely sought-after jewels. Each piece is made by hand from the slabs of clay, glazed and fired at a very high temperature to obtain an extremely shiny black. The edge of some pieces is then brushed with 24kt gold and fired at a third fire at 700 degrees to fix the precious metal.

The intense and shiny black of obsidian, a precious and unique stone, recalls enigma and refinement, magnetism and curiosity. Here the mix, with an extremely contemporary flavor, with rose gold, yellow gold and silver also gives enormous charm and mystery.

Obsidian, the "Pupil of the Gods", that born from the meeting of the incandescent lava with the water of the deep Sicilian sea, will give you a special power, the power to be divine.

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