• Scala dei Turchi
  • Scala dei Turchi

Like the white rock terraces of the Scala dei Turchi, so the white ceramic tiles here compose scales of precious jewels. The golden brushstrokes embellish them like the warm Sicilian sun that illuminates the stairways of the Scala dei Turchi.

Each tile is made entirely by hand from clay slabs and once cooked is glazed in white and cooked a second time at a very high temperature in order to obtain an extremely bright white.

After the edge of some pieces is painted by hand with gold and fired again at 700 degrees to obtain the fixing of the precious metal.

These unique jewels are finally assembled by hand with precious metals by goldsmiths one by one, making these objects small treasures of Sicilian craftsmanship and, at the same time, of modern design.

A modern collection with refined, extremely chic shapes.

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