«Everything that nature has great,          
everything that's nice,          
everything that's terrible,          
it can be compared to Etna,          
and Etna con be compared to nothing».         

(Dominique Vivan Denon, "Voyage en Sicilie", 1788)


Black earth, as beautiful as a woman who lose your head, hot as the sun. From the great Lady of the Island, tumultuous and incandescent, thanks to a surprising metamorphosis comes the black earth from which this collection takes inspiration.
The Sicilian ceramic balls that compose this collection are handmade one by one, painted with ultra matt black glaze and cooked to obtain an extraordinarily dark and intense color. They are embellished with handmade brushstrokes of gold and cooked at 700 degrees to fix the precious metal, brushstrokes that make each piece unique and that are imprinted on the spheres like lava flows that give rise to this earth black as pitch.
This deep black color collection, designed for a seductive woman, refined and extremely elegant, magnetic and attractive like Etna, can be compared to nothing, only to the magic that emit who wear it. With the Terra Nera jewels you will be incomparable and peerless like Sicily.

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