DANIMA is a young luxury brand specialized in jewelry and hair accessories production. Our designs are inspired by the catwalk and influenced by the Mediterranean nature of our territory. We oppose femininity to strength, modernity to nostalgic, romantic to sensual.

DANIMA accessories are designed and handmade in our studio in Sicily guaranteeing the best quality of our products. We are committed to finding all the workforce locally while we are looking for our raw materials both in Sicily, especially for ceramics, and in the world, always guaranteeing a very high quality standard.

DANIMA accessories are made with ceramicscompletely handmade in Sicily, sterling silver and gold plating, semi-precious stones, skins, silks, crystals and any other luxurious material that we are able to find from the best producers in the world.  



Danima has welcomed the challenge of environmental and cultural sustainability of fashion since its inception and for this reason it exclusively creates sustainable jewelry and accessories that are born from a history of millennial savoir-faire famous in the world, that of Sicilian ceramics, one of the priceless heritages of Island.

For this reason, the brand has chosen to collaborate with the best ceramists from Caltagirone, Sciacca and Santo Stefano di Camastra, productions renowned for the particularity of colors, shapes, decorations and, above all, to still be handmade today. All the tailoring processes for the production of the headwear line are also entrusted to skilled local manufacturers.

A slow and accurate production which, through a wise use of resources and respecting the principles of sustainability, contributes to the creation of an indissoluble link between design and local workers in a virtuous relationship between nature and territory.